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5 Reasons to Always “Over-Communicate”


I recently hired a lawn care company to remove sum bushes and a tree trunk and build drainage in my back yard. The contractor is a friend, a great guy whom I have know for a couple of years and he ended up doing a great job for me at a reasonable price. However, during the process I felt “under-communicated”. Maybe it was me not nailing down expectations. I would Read More…

Kick the Visionary Upstairs


One of the superpowers of the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) is making the distinction between the roles of the “Integrator” and those of the “Visionary”. The Integrator is the person who runs the business. He or she makes sure all executives work together as harmoniously as possible, keeps leaders on task and is responsible for executing the business plan and reaching the business’ financial goals. The integrator also often handles Read More…

5 Things To Do When You Have Too Many To Dos?


One of my clients implementing the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) asked me today how he should handle his overwhelming to do list. No doubt, this is an affliction impacting most if not all of us. We have more things than we can ever hope to accomplish and every successful action begets more tasks that we should be doing. Before I copy my answer to him, here are my interpretations of Read More…

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