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putting men on the moon
“We will put a man on the moon by the end of the decade and return him safely to earth.”  -- proclaimed JFK in 1961. He did not live to see it, but his vision was fulfilled when on July 21, 1969 Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin stepped on the surface of the white planet.
The moon landing was an audacious dream that was realized with a goal and a plan. It stands as living proof that virtually any dream can be materialized with a strong desire, an appropriate plan and people who persist until they get the job done. 
Our role as entrep coaches is to help you articulate your audacious dream, assist you in creating a blue print for its achievement, and help you navigate and stay the course until you make this dream a reality.
how and why this service came about?

Steve Preda Entrep Coaching (SPEC) provides intensive executive coaching infused with entrepreneurial spirit. 

SPEC was born when I finally decided to follow my heart, after 20 years spent first as a CPA, then a banker and the owner of a mergers and acquisitions (M&A) business. 

I first worked for others, then for myself, starting an investment bank in Hungary, called MB Partners.  My plan was to build a market leader and change the game in the M&A Advisory Business.  We launched a newsletter and started talking to entrepreneurs in a plain language about selling, buying and recapitalizing companies and preparing businesses for growth and eventually exit.  In 5 years, my company exploded and, by 2007, led the lower middle market in Hungary.

I enjoyed this work, especially coaching business owners on growing the value of their companies and holding their hand during the M&A process.  I loved deals and savoured negotiating with buyers to obtain the best possible price and terms for my clients. However, in most instances, I felt that the potential of the businesses we sold had not been fully developed.  There were many entrepreneurs that I would have loved to coach to grow their companies before they exited them.  But, this was not our business and not what they wanted us to help them with at this point.

By 2011, medium term growth prospects diminished in Hungary and Romania where we played.  My wife and I decided to move to the US in 2012 and picked Richmond, Virginia as the ideal location to start swimming in a bigger pond.   After selling the business in 2013, I formed a CEO Peer Group with Vistage International in the Richmond metro area. Working with this group turned out to be the most rewarding and inspiring experience of my life. 
I have launched Steve Preda Entrep Coaching to help a wider circle of business leaders reach for the Moon.
Steve Preda, Founder          



Curiosity: The desire to learn or know more about something or someone.
Courage: The ability to do something that you know is difficult or dangerous.
Clout: The power to influence or control situations.
Kaizen: A Japanese business philosophy of continuous improvement.


We help select Entrepreneurs and C-level Executives become more Successful and Fulfilled.
We do this by inspiring them to:
  • reconnect with their purpose,
  • articulate and refine their vision,
  • formulate and update a road map,
  • improve their behavior, and
  • execute their plan.
We look for players who:
  • Have a track record of success and achievement.
  • Possess the desire to achieve higher levels of self awareness.
  • Want to play for their Big Game.
how is steve preda entrep coaching different?

Unlike most coaches that come from Human Resources and Organizational Consulting backgrounds, I am an entrepreneur who founded, built and exited a market leading professional services firm.  The trials and tribulations I endured and the sweet successes I enjoyed allow me to take an entrepreneurial approach to coaching.  I understand what it means to make payroll after a lean month, having to let go long term employees, losing a six-figure fee in the eleventh hour and rekindling morale and vision when one is discouraged. 
I have succeeded in building marketing, sales and operational processes that allowed us to trump our competition in both business development and quality of output.  Lacking significant capital at the outset, I was forced to hire college graduates and coach them up to being able to develop and execute business and ultimately succeed me in running the company.
I am a vision-guy who loves helping successful and ambitious people articulate their professional goals and desires and helping them reverse engineer a game plan and create a blueprint for executing it.
As it was with Investment Banking in my native country, I am excited to play a role in democratizing coaching. It will no longer be the exclusive domain of Fortune 2000 corporations, publically owned and private equity backed companies and hot Silicon Valley start-ups.  I can see how entrepreneurial and family owned small and middle market companies will tap this resource and access exponential growth.
Coaching is the blue ocean of management.  It is the leverage tool that helps business leaders achieve exponential growth. You too can break through self-imposed limitations and tap the prospectives of an entrepreneur-coach who had been there and done it, and who continues to feed off of the mindset of two dozen of his successful CEO clients.
As a former founder and owner of a professional service business, I specialize in helping entrepreneurs, and leaders of professional services firms to grow their companies and become more successful and fulfilled in all areas of their professional and personal lives.

Matt Williams
"Every time I meet with Steve I learn something about myself and uncover opportunities to move my career and company forward. He's a trusted advisor and a great asset to me, personally and professionally."
Chief Executive Officer at The Martin Agency
Paul Giambra
"I appreciate Steve’s ability to provide insight and reflection on my business and career challenges. His background and experience gives him the ability to provide me a different prospective to the issues I face as a CEO. As my coach he has helped me be a better leader and person."
President & CEO at Quarles Petroleum Inc.
Jack Lawson
"Steve has proven to be an excellent personal coach. He listens carefully then he constructively questions and challenges my ideas in ways that expand horizons, drive deeper thought, and help me reach rational conclusions. Of course, he also offers intelligent and often very high value suggestions as well. In addition he helps me arrive at a depth of thought that allows me to better articulate my conclusions to others because they've been so effectively thought out. Not only did we successfully work together on some business-oriented issues but late in our relationship, I decided it was time to retire. We quickly shifted the direction of our work into planning how I would move into this new phase of my life. Steve's ability to help me dig deep into what I did and didn't want to do in retirement has been of tremendous help. Moreover, Steve has become a valued friend as well as a trusted advisor. I can't recommend him more strongly and would be glad to speak or correspond with anyone about his work with me."
Board member and former CEO of Electrical Equipment Company
Clay Edwards
"Steve Preda is not simply an organized, efficient and effective Vistage Chair, he is a leader of leaders. To member CEO's his comments are always insightful and targeted. He constantly seeks to add value through advice, education, inspiration or by identifying resources. I can recommend Steve's passion and leadership to those who have the privilege of meeting or working with him."
Former President & CEO, Hohner Inc.
Jeri Turley
"Steve is a tremendous asset in my professional and personal life. I met Steve at the right time --- during a business transition that includes a succession plan and a leadership shift. My experience with Steve is that he thinks differently and, through his unique coaching style, has challenged me to open my eyes to see future potential I might not have otherwise considered. His guidance and leadership are invaluable to me."
President and Principal at BCG Companies
Shane Burnette
"I can't say enough good things about Steve and his role as my business coach and Vistage chair. Steve is constantly challenging me and holding me accountable as well as teaching me things in ways I could've never imagined. The last two years that I've worked with Steve my career has taken a dramatic upswing. His ability to provide alternate perspectives to business ideas and business beliefs have taught me so much. He has inspired me to think bigger and to appreciate the work involved with improving your business. 
I can't recommend anyone better than Steve if you are looking for a mentor or business coach.
I can directly attribute my recent awards, recognition, and success to my involvement with Steve."
Division President-Richmond, Schell Brothers
Ryann Wayne
"Steve is an exceptional Vistage Chair. I honestly feel lucky to have had the opportunity to join the group he assembled. I learn so much from each meeting, whether is it from the expert professional development speakers or from the wealth of knowledge possessed within the group members themselves, I always walk away with something I can directly apply to improve my business. 
Steve is also a great business coach, helping me to talk through the issues I'm facing in my business and pushing me to stay true to the best plan to address those issues - even when the issues are really tough, and the plan is painful. He asks great questions and helps draw out the solutions without giving me the answers or forcing his own opinions (which says a lot about a business coach!). I would highly recommend Steve both as a Vistage Chair and as a Coach and I am so grateful I have the chance to work with him."
CEO Frontier Academy
Jeremy Ford
"Steve has been of great help to me in my personal development as the general manager of a small local business. He has been my coach now for about 6 months and our business has been very successful, in part due to the mentoring and coaching I have received from him on a weekly basis. I came from a corporate environment where worrying about the bottom line or development of the company was not something I had to deal with. His positive attitude, experience, and creativity have been a tremendous asset for me. I look forward to our meetings every week. It's worth making time for, even with a very hectic schedule."
General Manager at RVA Restoration
Darnell W. Parker Sr.
"Steve is a strategical part of my professional and business development. He is helping to strategize processes of operation for myself and CATCH. Steve has the ability to articulate your thoughts into seeds of growth and production. I expect his consultation and perspective to lead to great things for me and my organization. Steve leadership inspires me to continue forward thinking!"
Founder and CEO, CATCH
Terry Fink
"I have worked with Steve through much of 2015. He has helped me and my team establish key goals and strategies for our company, our vision, mission and core values as well as lent invaluable advice. Steve is smart, experienced, patient and tactful but candid. I value his consultation and highly recommend his services."
Chief Executive Officer at Planet Central
Vance Spilman
"Steve has proven to be an invaluable resource in terms of providing insights that are beneficial to both my business and personal life. He is a dedicated professional with tremendous initiative."
CEO, Rainbow Station, Inc.
Roger Scott
"Steve Preda has been a great resource for me during my company's transformation from small CEO-centric to a self-sustaining entity. Although the process is not yet complete, we are well on our way. Steve has been a great sounding board and advisor through the process as part of my Vistage membership. His approach to Vistage Chairing is professional and he challenges all of us in every way. I highly recommend both Steve and Vistage."
Owner, Eclipse Tools
Mark Smith
"Steve challenges me to think and presents excellent ideas framed around various "what ifs" I am working through. I highly recommend him!”
Owner, Midas of Richmond
Del Harris
"As a former head college basketball coach and assistant athletic director, I was always the "one" who did the coaching and planning for the program. However, in getting a new business off the ground and thanks to a great friend, I realized I needed "a coach" for this new venture. Steve challenged and motivated me, and held me accountable while building a personal relationship that showed me he really cared and was invested in my success. The plan and strategy we established are being realized daily and I'm so excited about the progression. I strongly encourage anyone who is looking to grow professionally and personally in business to get with Steve as soon as possible. Great leaders are great listeners."
Head Boys Basketball Coach & Program Leader Collegiate School, Del Harris Basketball Academy 
ready for the ride?
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